Friday, July 25, 2003

Finally made the connection between B.F.C "It's A Shame" (Carl Craig on Fragile) and that Liasons Dangerous track, get them both in the mix and you've created a towering rocking monster. Thats definitley going in my bag. Went down Rough Trade yesterday and theve got loads of Glenn Branca albums including The Ascention which is fucking amazing !!!

T.W.A.N.B.O.C 's Ingram has put up a great Detroit List, I remember seeing the ones that I haven't got on here a lot in the mid nineties when I worked at Music & Video, darn it ! You just dont see much of that stuff any more (you never saw some of those Retroactive realeases), there is a lesson to be learnt here, get ahead off the pack and you can pick up the bombs before they are officially cool. Alternatively you could get out a bit more, learn some new social skills etc.

Also been listening to Shirley & Dolley Collins, "Love Death & The Lady" re-issued on Fledgling. It gets better on repeated listening as the depth and portent of the songs unfolds. All the songs/ballads on this record are really tragic and appear spectral above the the haunting arrangemenst. There is one about a man who falls in love with a young girl but knows he hasn,t got a chance. So he sets out to meet her and ask for her hand but ends up bashing her over the head and throwing her in a river !
The rest of my c.d. budget went on "The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death" by John Fahey which also amazing, so incredibly astounding that I am not going to soil you're future enjoyment of it, if you aint got it, with my amateur ramblings.
Now that the dust has settled I would just like to add that Nurse With Wound & Current 93 have issued this statement "No cats, dogs or any other animals where hurt or killed during the recording of our music". At the time of this report Coil were unable to comment .
What about the cover of Metro today, fuckin hell, this is madness.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Night Trip Essex c. July1992

Lovecraft lived in Providence
His stories drenched in eldritch ooze
In marshlands of Essex at night the spectral phosphors glow
Like something only hinted at
From aeons ago

Night we ride through acid haze, swamp creatures roughly snort
And in the hollows cretins creep
Our blistered eyes bereft of sleep
The winged ones from the Great Bear rise
Shot through with light from some un-holy nebulae

The black universe yawns in lightning flash haze
The summer air electrified and ready to spark on fire
Tumbling through our youth toward oblivion
Blissful in self-belief and drenched in life
Soaking up the night’s ether.

Monday, July 21, 2003

this is great http://members.aol.com/blissout/postpunk.htm
Swirling around in a haze of chardonnay and cheap tobacco. Picked up Denim c.d. "Novelty Rock", the first track is flippin ridiculous and they get more so from then on, sort of Jean Jaque Perry meets a more rockier Saint Ettiene. Check out http://felt.planetaclix.pt/default.htm for some great articles and other archive stuff. I wanted to call this blog evergreen daze after a felt song but I got it wrong so now it sounds like an irish pub or something.
Had pint with my techno chum Mark Broom at the weekend and he said I should get my veg from the barra on bethnal green rd and not in tesco which is really overpriced. For those of you not familiar with him Mark is an ecceptional disc jockey and purveryor of fine techno from way back in the day.
My computer at home is fucked, first a disc got jammed in it so my bro said he would fix it, took it apart got the disc out and now it just wont fire up at all. Ive got some crap poems on the hard drive I really need to retreave !
Saw some massive dragonflies along the canal, I think the extreme heat has mutated them, ther'e metallicy blue in colour.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Technical problems at home folks (yeah right)
Stay tuned though as this blogs here to stay.
Recent thoughts / actions
Saw Liquid Liquid at Canvass, nice venue shit bar prices. They rocked, Colder sucked, Mu were funny. 7-Hurtz electro jazz funk, a bit like acr but not as good.
All the nobs were out , saw Alkan in deep discussion with Dave dorrell, Weatherall scurrying about and Fearless bowling about like he thinks he's the saviour of modern music. get some new influences mate, that hole stooges Anger thing is so fucking passe/Gillespie vacuous postering. Arthur baker had some fit fucking arm candy in toe
though !
Ugh ! sorry no more rants life's to short. Want this page to be uplifting not some seedy sneering thing. Which is what the music industry is.
Starting to beat Milo at tennis, played in 31 degrees heat down Victoria park the other day, gloriously exhuasted afterwards. All the dudes that hang out near my flat are goin raggo in the heat !

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Walking the urban jungle, still no sight of the elusive purple heron. A mate turned me on to Gabor Szabo album The Socerer, jumpin jehosaphat whaT A STUNNER. I must get a copy now. Its not rare its on Impulse so I guess I can probably get it in Fopp for a few squid.
Read a great piece about Tove Jansson in yesterdays paper. She created the Moomins but also wrote books for adults too. She lived much of her life on these remote un-populated Finnish islands that her family discoverd and this must have given her the idea for the moomins and their utopia. I really like some of the quotes from the Moomins,

"life is like a river. Some people sail on it slowly, some quickly, and some capsize."

Wrote a poem especially for you but my ultra rubbish pc wont let me open the file while I'm on line so I guess I'll just have to make one up now.

Steve you were Reich
When you assembled eighteen brilliant musicians
To play your piece
It is medicine to my ravaged lungs and head
It will ring out forever
Regardless of me or anyone
Hard hot concrete cascet
Two frozen lambs
Decadence and remorse


"Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil"

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Summer rage, we need a storm

Is it just me or does anyone else want massacre all the homogenous lifestyle fin headed potter reading smug ass fuckfaces clogging up this town. Yippeee lets all live in a constant state of petrified optimism and lark about to a back drop of jamie oliver and evening standard supliments on how to have a fantastic life if only you could afford it. Fuck it alllll ! Phew that feels better.
Rage, rage is the virus that wipes out Britain in the film 28 Days later, a fitting disease , there is no cure. As the marketing men encroach further into our collective consciousness and corporations become more determined to stamp on anything that resembles soul the rage epedemic is quitely spreading. Be bland be boring dont be anything at all. Start a club night be really funky and outgoing, dont for gods sake say what you really think or be at all negative. Start a blog vent splean no one's reading who cares or if they are they might agree but you'll never know.

I mailed Jim Sauter of Borbetomagus yesterday inquiring how to get their new album, apparently they have no uk distributor at the moment which is a crime. I've only got one c.d. by them and only picked that up at the time cos it had Thurston Moore on it and looked interesting, checking it out again it really blew me away, honest. Two harsh reeds and Moore scratching and hacking away in the background a la sonic death. Skronking is a term used, not sure what it means but it works just right. "Barefoot In The Head" is the title of the peice and if you in the mood it sits nice next that Haswell/Merzbow piece. Anyhow they have their own label and quite a few bits on there, you can mail borbeto@j51.com if you want.

This is an exerpt from the sleevenotes
"These two men are the freest, loudest, swingin'est white motherfuckers to ever jaw-cleave an industrial strength reed. Their work with Borbetomagus has long been a raucus fountain of tonal explosion and aesthetic purity, as well as a black-gloved fist up the diz of all conservative musical architects"

Fave blog: www.atimeforfear.blogspot.com amongst all the incredibly worthy socio political stuff there is a piece in the archive called "Dark Nights Return" which is brilliant. I quote,
"....,and if you like sweating in the hot concrete jungle all through July and August, and if walking through the city is your idea of going on safari, then the swift is your bird"

The penisular is quiet, the heat has driven people of the green, only one crane now looms over the gerkin. It is nearing completion and stands out from the rest of the towers because it looks so futuristic. I heard it is a swiss bank.
Listening to glenn branca symphony no.6 (Devil Choirs At The Gates Of Hell) its perfect.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003


Yes folks you heard it first here folks. Ingrams call to arms has been issued. Although my blog is very much still in its infancy and at best an antidote to the frozen moment brain death of work (at the BBC dont you know) I shall endevour to rend something readable from my summer-flu wracked mind. As all I know how to do is bullshit and talk about mildly obscure records, I reckon I'll just stick to what I know.
Anyway, just had a quick glance through the blogs, DIZZEE STABBED !, o.k. well get well soon mate, and as Luka says it can't hurt the album sales, and yes I know thats beside the point.
Living down the road from the Rascall in Bethnal Green, but in no way shape or form being a player of any kind , I too can feel the violence, especially at this time of year when short fuse's just blow in this heat. Round my way it's predominately Brick Lane Boys territory, who largely keep themsleves to themselves, however its always going off and even if you are'nt involved it kinda psycicly wears you down. Right now I just need to get out of E2. This leads nicely on to Gangs Of New York, Five Points is very similar to the east end. The mix up of people walking along Bethnal Green Rd resembles Scorces' mid 19thCentury depiction of New York. Fortunes being carved out and lives hard won, while the up-towners live in their bought un-reality. Anyway it's a great film and I can't wait to watch the last hour later.
Anyway I can feel myself becoming boring, and boy is there more than enough of that text.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Victoria Park sits between Bethnal Green and the Homerton/Clapton area of Hackney. It is perhaps one of the best open public spaces in London. Unlike the central parks it is relatively under populated, especially during the week and at these times feels like a lost oasis in the middle of the roaring east end heat. I have been down the tennis courts lately, £3.80 per hour now, extortionate !, my game is slowly improving. There is also a kind of urban zoo, although it only contains deer, about nine or ten, oldies and young ones. Their antlers have a furry glistening sheen on them at the moment. They live yards away from the spot where a young woman was murdered earlier this year. Flowers attached to a lampost provide a chilling reminder of this fact . "Fix up, look sharp"
I must admit I hadn't checked out Dizzee before Reynolds et al started eulogizing about him, now I eagerly await the albumn which I think comes out on the 21st, I notice the track "Vexed" is not on it, this must be an oversite as it is such a wicked track.

Vinly result of last week has to be "Mutant Disco" 12" Box Set for £10 at MVE, check out Marcello's web site, T.W.A.N.B.O.C links to it, for the lowdown. "Wheel Me Out", the Was (Not Was) track is brill as is "Deputy Of Love", someone should do a disco dub of that!
Got to www.heronbone.blogspot.com for some great poems, also check www.atimeforfear.blogspot.com for good writing, forgive me if these links arn't quite right you'll get there in the end.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Welcome to my blog, I'm writing at work, deep in the belly of the beast.
If anyone happens to read this may I highly reccomend the blogs of simon reynolds at blissblog.com and luka at heronbone.blogspot.com amongst others that you can find links to on these sites. Also respect due to Ingram and his T.W.A.N.B.O.C site which is a work of genius. That guy knows his tunes and is perhaps a good example of an obsessive blog genius at work. I can only work humbly in your shadows fellow bloggers.
Today I shall leave you with this quotation from I,Claudius "....all transactions of pre-eminent importance are wrapt in doubt and obscurity;while some hold for certain facts the most pre-carious hearsays, others turn fact into falsehood; and both are exaggerated by posterity,"

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