Thursday, October 30, 2003

Romantic Puppetry

Red squirrels, loads of crows, no birds of prey, its cold and the wind cuts like a knife. Done a couple of peaks and roamed around a bit. I'm in a library in Penrith, a couple of really annoying gromits have just pitched up next to me and are wondering if they can smoke in the library.
My dad is next to me on a p.c., the old silver surfer.
Went into a really bad record shop in the shopping precinct.
The view from Skidaw was amazing, pine and conifer forest surrounds the base of most of the hills and these are all a mutli coloured range of reds, oranges and browns like autumn fire. The clouds are low over the peaks and the mist descends very quickly so you have to be carefull. I could see the solway firth and the lakes of Derwent and Basenthwait. Apparently there are Ospreys here but they have flown south for the winter.
I got a heron badge.
London seems very far away and being hip just an irrelavance, how refreshing but I not sure i'll make it till Monday. Its kinda bleak.
My brother has just appeared with a carrier bag full of Old Peculiar.
They did have "Russian Ark" in the video section which I wanted to watch when it was on at the cinema recently.
That bit on 'Spectral Music' in this months Wire was quite interesting although I dont fully understand what constitutes a "spectral" record. I did happen to have 'Stimmung' on my discman on the way up here and its fantastic, really hipnotic and engaging. Also got hold of this amazing Pierre Henri c.d. from library, 'Apocalypse de Jean' I dont knoe what the narrative is about but it sounds incredible immersed in those layers of wonderfull analogue electonic showers. I need to hear more of this.

Monday, October 27, 2003

like luke, i too was drawn to the sun at the tate modern. it was quite uplifting and enjoyable although I thought that the trippy mist would be thicker than it was, maybe they had toned it down following complaints in the week by staff who were getting monged out. the mirrored ceiling was cool, people were just sitting about like they were on a beach not in a converted power station. Little kids seemed to love and be passified a bit by the orange orb as if it reminded them of their not to distant days tucked up nice and warm in the womb.

there were quite a lot of porn/fashion mags in the gift shop, but i opted for this brilliant publication called Grand Street, it has loads of good short pieces of fiction and poems aswell as some brilliant prints. There is an excerpt from the new Alan Warner novel 'The man who walks' and my favourite picture so far is of Californian performance artist Chris Burden, the picture is entitled 'Doorway To Heaven' and is a black and white portrait of the artist whose upper torso and face are lit by the sparks from two electric wires he has pushed into his chest. The sparks arc out from his chest and descend downwards like an exploding rocket. The speed of the film turning them into strands of light.

"The wires crossed and exploded, burning me but saving me from electrocution."

Saturday, October 25, 2003

some people wanted ragga, the girls wanted house, I had a hip hop crew glowering at me, boy it was tuff ! but I came through and got everybody rockin with Billy Jean (instrumental extended natch) until my mate came on and cleared the floor faster than a scud missile, the irony of his 'scratching' was lost on this croud.

Ingrams piece on music and video spot on, we had a record cleaning machine in the soul basement when i was there. Save your money though a bit of bog roll and some lighter fluid is just as effective.

Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume Four
2LP // £ 21.99

shout out to all london blog massive you know who you are, and all worldwide crew.

Friday, October 24, 2003

If I ever get out of this dump I'm supposed to be playing records tonight at some ones party down hackney road 291 gallery or somefin, I just grabbed some stuff, definitley playing Junior Boys and picked up this bad Beenie Man riddim called "let him go" the version is heavy, what else have I got in my bag, let me see, Grace Jones, Class Action, E.S.G, Clipse, Sister Nancy, Unlimited Touch, The Slits, The Stones, Tom Tom Club, The League, 400 Blows, A.C.R, Masters At Work, Gina X, Zongamin, Quando Quango, The Congoes, Tenor Saw, Michael jackson,Roy Ayers, Fela Kuti, Eddie Grant, Cedric Im Brooks, Betty Davis,Harlequins Fours, Paul Hardcastle, Mutant Disco (box set natch).....................................Lee Perry & the Full Experience 'Disco Devil' .

trapped in a vortex of chino's and middle class arrogance, irrellivance and people who in the loafs words are "deformed by conformity"
Enjoyed very much erase the world on rugby, my sentimenst entirely, well done old chap.

Thursday, October 23, 2003


Round Midnight

That street where midnight
is round, the moon flat
& blue, where fire engines solo
& cats stand around and look
is Monk's world

When I last saw him, turning around
high from 78 RPM, growling
a landscape of spaced funk

When I last spoke to him, coming out
the Vanguard, he hipped me to
my own secrets, like Nat
he dug the numbers & letters
blowing through the grass
initials & invocations of the past

All the questions I asked Monk He
answered first
in a beret. Why was
a high priest staring
Why were the black keys
signifying. And who was
wrapped in common magic
like a street empty of everything
except weird birds

The last time Monk smiled I read
the piano's diary. His fingers
where he collected yr feelings
The Bar he circled to underscore
the anonymous laughter of smoke
& posters

Monk carried equations he danced at you.
What's happening?" We said, as he dipped &
spun."What's happening?"

"Everything. All the time.
Every googoplex
of a second."

Like a door, he opened, not disappearing
but remaining a distant profile
of intimate revalation.

Oh, man! Monk was digging Trane now
w/o a chaser he drank himself
in. & Trane reported from
the 6th or 7th planet deep in

the Theloniuscape.

Where fire engines screamed the blues
& night had a shiny mouth
& scatted flying things

by Amiri Baraka (Le Roi Jones)

enter the stratford/bow vortex

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Numerous Grey Wagtails down by the canal yesterday. About the same size as a pied wagtail but with a slightly longer tail, much longer than a yellow wagtails but still with a yellow belly.
Twenty plus swans and geese, (canada i think) tried to hussle me down by the rowing club, those swans are menacing, dont fuck about with swans they'll ave yer.
Crept right up to a large grey heron, was about four feet away from it until he flew off to about twenty feet away. Beady eyed fisherman skulking in the algea.

i'd like to reccomend Leo's cafe in Stoke Newington, which despite recent changes in the local demographic is still catering for the less fortunate members of our society, the elderly, the insane and infirm. they do a great cuppa and a full range of breakfast at a price that can't be sniffed at.

Acid Mothers Gong where a spectacle of that there is no doubt. Daevid Allen looked like something out of that bar they go to in the first star wars film. Resplendent in silver lame cape and pagan head gear he, amongst other things, evoked the spirit of Sun Ra, communing with him from his resendency somewhere in the Inter-Stellar Loways . These psychedelic ghosts combined forces withe the Acid Mothers from japan. My favourite is the chain smoking Cotten Casino who was rocking it on keyboard and thankfully the one person on stage who didnt look fucking ridiculous.
You know the rest right, shimmering whorls of sky kissed psychedelic rain, incantations and invocations and of course, the freak out(tm) !!!!! and some of it did make me grin but some made me want to ran, so I did to the bar and that balcony that looks out over the Thames. Is that a flying tea pot over the house of parliament?

Monday, October 20, 2003

LODOVICO: Ha, ha, O Democritus, thy gods
That govern the whole world! Fortune's a right whore:
If she give aught, she deals it in small parcels,
That she make take away all at one swoop.
This 'tis to have great enemies, God 'quite them:
Your wolf no longer seems to be a wolf
Than when she's hungry.

GASPARO: You term those enemies,
Are men of princely rank.
LODOVICO: Oh, I pray for them:
The violent thunder is adored by those
Are pash'd in pieces by it.

(excerpt from The White Devil by John Webster)

Sunday, October 19, 2003

No one has mentioned National Health in the prog prognosis. I looked them up and they look really interesting.
K-punk hammers the essence of "Susperia" succinctly and after reading more about that Tazartes record I would love to hear it. It sounds like it could be similar to the Basil Kirchin record that just came out on Trunk, not the easiest listen, but rising out of the cacophany are plateuxs of primordial bliss. The record contains loops of childrens playfull cacophony mixed with the sounds of geese, creating a bizzare take on free jazz.

I just read about Vincent Gallo's film "Brown Bunny" , it doesn't appear to have been released at all. Gallos' attitude can be taken two ways. He's either someone you hate or like, I reckon he's alright, but probably only if you dont know him or have anything to do with him. The concept of Vincent Gallo is cool. I listen to that film music double album he put out quite a lot, its really quiet and soothing and makes me think about imaginery cult films shot in super 8.
Apparently "Brown Bunny" got so panned at Cannes that Gallo flipped and was almost in tears defending his film. I doubt that Jerry Bruckheimer has ever shed any tears over his art but if you have had to watch as much of Miramaxs' output as I have you would be crying. Highlights include "Bubble Boy" and "Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalo" (which is actually really funny in places, if you like belly laughs).

Saturday, October 18, 2003


agreeing with general concensus of praise for Yoseph, picked up Amen Andrews vol 1 & 3 earlier in the week from Rough Trade and they got me dancing round my flat, fuckin hilarious track "Fast n Bulbous", Beefheart over Amen, awesome and funny too.

Got "Rainbow Dome Music" for six quid in music & Video, Ingrams right about the lost commodity of prog. There's a stack of it a about, its either really cheap or mega expensive, for expensive prog check either Music & Video upstairs or the Totem Record museum in stoke newington. For cheap prog just go in any second hand shop in London. That Yes album "Fragile Earth" is a good one its got that bit from the end of Buffalo 66 when he's in the strip club. But you knew that.

Its not prog but it was placed quite near the prog bin, "Acid Yantra" by Sundial. I've been curious about this lot for a while, i believe they supported current 93 once. Anyway i dredged up some info and i cant wait to get out of this fucking shit office and play it later. It was cheap enough to take a chance on and I just love the idea of neo psychedelia.
Also, also a promo with "I hear a new world" by Rod Freeman & The Blue Men quite the most astounding and quite frightning record I've heard for a bit.

That new Kylie track is great, yes I hope there is some kind of dub of it on a twelve or somethin, sounded like Metro Area, as for the dancers well what can i say.........


Let me just add that "Cosmos" by Sun Ra is great mid seventies Roksichord Ra a la "Lanquidity" and you can get it in Honest Johns for under a tenner !

peking o continues to amuse and delight
and crumbling loaf you are a star

Thursday, October 16, 2003

New Duetsch !!!!
(International Deejay Gigolo 2003)
I'm frothing at the mouth after listening to this stunning compilation of utterly obscure german electro from the early eighties. The only thing i had heard prior to this that at least made me aware that this twilight world exsisted was some D.A.F and the fantastic "Fred From Jupitor" by Andreas Dorau courtesy of Tomas meine friend von Munchen.
After some cursory research on the web managed to find out this about Pyrolator who have two tracks on this album, the proto-Detroitian "Die Haut der Frau" and the shimmering bliss shuffle of "Ein Wiehnachstsmann indie Disko" which I dont know what it means but it sounds incredible. All low end bass rub and tape loop backwarsdspeek mixed with analogue disko pops and vocoder babbletronica. A kind of lite heaviness a bit like 'Liasons Dangerous'. Anyway here's this from the Ata tak web site

After the release of his debut album 'Inland' and the equally well-rated first LP with Der Plan, the Pyrolator started summer 1981 with his work on 'Ausland'.

"In the heat of summer 1981 the album was recorded, with the help of various international musicians, in the studios of the brilliant inventor and sound-genius Werner Lambertz on the first digital-sequenzer 'Brontologics', the first production outside the atatak-studios.

The reaction of the press and the public could not have been more euphoric when Ata Tak's tenth release 'Ausland' fi nally appeared at the end of 1981. Musikexpress conferred a top rating and Diedrich Diedrichsen applauded in Sounds "At last wea've made it: a German record which one can enjoy all the more because it's not the usual sound for Germany ..." A record with qualities not yet achieved during the years of stagnation in Germany's New Wave music". Even the international press is unanimous. New Musical Express's Chris Bohn elevated Pyrolator to "a great pioneer". Alfred Bos of the Dutch magazine Oor wrote "I do not wish to dramatize, but this record could prove to be an important infl uence in 10 years time, just like 'Monster Movies' from Can or 'The Faust Tapes' from Faust. "

The two tracks by Der Plan are incredible two, a bit like Gristles finest electro moments , 'Distant Dreams' & 'Walkabout', eslewhere 'No More' come on totally bleakly euphoric with a death in the disco chant "Suicide Commando" which I think was sampled up by one the Hague posse, I.F or one of them lot. Who actually owe a huge debt to these pioneers for laying down the blueprint for them.
My absolute draw dropping fave on this comp has to be by Grauzone , 'Film 2' which is euro epi-disco but loaded with proto-grime doom portent and sounds like it was recorded in a cathedral. kind of like Moroder meets Gristle meets New Order.

and also utterly mixable with this

Tomorrow People-'Is anybody Listening' (Mark Brooms Weavers Field Remix)
Mark tears the heart out of this tune and feeds it back to you east end style with the snakemiester broom giving us the tech grime that you only dreamt could ever exist until now. IN ALL GOOD RECORD SHOPS!!!!!! "No Batteries Required" mini l.p on Tomorrow Records.


sat 18th October 2003
@The Rythm Factory
6-18 Whitechapel Road
london E1
exclusive London show from
new San Franscisco outfit
and more

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I agree that "Lemon Jelly" are sentimental post ambient tosh, however one of their songs does redeam itself by mentioning Fingeringhoe an excellent birdwatching spot just outside Colchester in Essex. I think perhaps this is the first and last time this place will be mentioned in popular song.
The marsh continuum runs through the ambi-folk tech tinkerings of Ultramarine who hail from Goldhanger a very small village on the Blackwater Estuary. Formely post punk band 'A Primary Industry', Ultramarine managed to capture the essence of the marsh on record, in particular "Every Man & Woman Is A Star". I first heard the track 'Stella' on John Peel and just had to get it. This would have been about the same time as the first Orb ".........Pulsating Brain that Rules etc' track came out. The endless tracts of re-claimed reed beds, mud flats and marsh provided the perfect setting for nocturbulous behaviour soundtracked by these guys, and of course "Chill Out". On some occasions the the coal black mud of the blackwater gives off phosphorous which glows at night. Giving the marsh a ghostly pallour. In high summer the with the barn owls in full song it can be a very evocative place. The remaining sea defences that define the peninsular become modern day monoliths,
"The duo, Paul Hammond and Ian Cooper, came from rural Essex, a part of the English countryside very similar to where Eno grew up, with its desolate esturaies and marshes."
If you want to see the Essex marshes on film check out the recent Brithish comedy/drama "Lawless Heart" which was filmed in Maldon and the surrounding area.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

cross over weavers field
avoid broken glass, gob, used condoms and other night time driftwood
that washes up on the shore daily

fireworks exploding over the park already
now these I like

cut round the back of Percy Ingle
and on to bethnal green road.
bloke on the corner with hardware shop, well, bags and buckets really
thinks he's Harry Belafonte

large lorries unloading not that many crates of stuff for Woolworths
they MUST drop off stuff at other branches
Woolworths is so old school
I remember 10p 7"'s
now the bargain bin is full of Girls Aloud and Daniel Beddingfield c.d. singles

stirn faced geezer with his moody Hackett hoodies
the soused face of the vegman, morning pint nestles in between the marras
cafe Alba, soon they will understand
I want my mushrooms on the side not in the omlette
the halloween shop
novelty hats and kinky whips

under the bridge, globes of sceptic rain bomb the mourners
layers of posters abd dafaced adverts
flyers for raves that have 30 d.js's
in twelve arenas
grey haired whistfull bloke
carries out a white plastic table
to read his paper off
a few weeks ago you could have bought
a hydraulic lift here

now down and off
and not to mention the smell

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

"Opportunities to experience Mover-style gloomcore through a big system in the midst of a headstrong throng of drug-fucked darkrave zombie-warriors stomping til the crack of dawn and beyond do not come along too often these days, I would go if I were you! "

Up for it boys ? (think of the content absorbing opportunities) I feel a rush just thinking about it ?

Suspiria is amazing, all sinister whimsy, toy keyboards, whispering voices and kettle drums, I'll send anyone a copy.

Now we're done with prog what about folk, or even prog folk? I have had Shirley Collins "Amaranth & The Anthems In Edens Suite" on heavy rotation lately which my friend describes as the "Good Vibrations" of the English folk scene. Also only just checked out Incredible Strings "Hangmans Daughter" record which I thought was quite innocently pastoral until I picked up on the heavy drug vibe which lies within the wood,

"I.S.B took psychedelia's cult of slumber further than most, in songs like 'Chinese White' (where Heron sings of laying down to sleep with his arms 'around a rainbow') and 'Nightfall' (in which Williamsson longs for the embrace of 'night's daughters')."
(The Sex Revolts/Simon Reynolds Joy Press)

Oh and as for "Rainbow Dome Music " by Hillage, I first heard that when it was used quite heavily as a restorative, post squat scene raving circa early 90's , endless prog drift with a nod to Terry Riley.
Big shout going out Richard for making my last post happen and to any Burning Man ravers out ther your all c***s ! (joke)

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Not sure if this will work guys, i'm hoping these will apear as links. if they do please enjoy a little film I made a few years ago at the Burning Man festival. Its a rave in the Nevada Desert where all the freaks come out to play. right I'm gonna close my eyes and post this.

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I'm sorry but I've got to quote k-punk quoting crumbling loaf again cos its so spot on

"no, I have the pallor of the Lower Middle Class, the self defeating approach to life, the belief it stops here with job with lifelessness. I don't know why they have an illness called Depression. That's just being Lower Middle Class isn't it? The intelligence but not the confidence to express it, the rising anger that rarely erupts. "

ok no more, i mean he's right but lets not get too defeatist at least we are self aware, but then thats the problem isnt it, being unable to be ambitionless but rendered helpless in the face of ambition whithout end or reward. All of this though, is wrapped in the highest art/music/culture that humanity can offer and a city where the underserving seem to prosper and the vulnerable and poor suffer.

Me I'm looking for a way out.

Oh by the wat all week there is a free exhibiton at the Eclectic Gallery at 20 All Saints Road W11 that showcases loads of Warp and Designers Republic t-shirt designs plus musicand different guests.

anyway I dont want this to become some misarabilist tome, Crumbling loaf does that with too much humour to put in the depression blog list, like a sort of post modern reconstructed Victor Meldrew.

The sun is breaking through the clouds and casting a white glow over the drying rack
I got a free copy of "Sheath" which I would like to be critical of but can't, its rather good
Patchwork Techno
No work for me today heh, heh, heh........

Monday, October 06, 2003

dont read this read this this blogs bang on the money. If bloggins reached the seventies then this guy is Tony Conrad with Faust. A slow relentless pulse that grates your soul and seems to last forever.
As the nights draw dark and the cold wind rattles the window pain, remember Spring Heel Jack and tarry not on your way home,

The Alsop Incident

Two days later, on February 22, 1838, Jane Alsop (18) was in her home on Bearhind Lane in the district of Bow, when she heard a wrapping on the door. Answering the door, a black cloaked man exclaimed "I'm a policeman. For Gods sake, bring me a light, for we have caught Spring-heeled Jack in the lane" (a black cloak was traditional uniform attire for policemen of this era). Jane, who lived with her father and two sisters, went to fetch a light for the man. She returned with a candle and as she was handing the light to the man, it shone on his face and she noticed that it was Spring Heeled Jack. He immediately spat a blue and white 'gas' into her face. She attempted to run back into the house but he held on tightly to the back of her hair. One of her sisters managed to pull her out of his grasps and drug her back into the house. Spring Heeled Jack continued banging on the door some time before hastily leaving. Witnesses claim that Spring Heeled Jack left quickly, dropping his coat in a field by Jane's home. Another person was seen scooping up the coat and leaving the area leading police to believe that Spring Heeled Jack may have an accomplice. The Lambeth police took Jane's statement:

He wore a large helmet and a sort of tight-fitting costume that felt like oilskin. But the cape was just like the ones worn by the policemen. His hands were as cold as ice and like powerful claws. But the most frightening thing about him was his eyes. They shone like balls of fire.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

ok ok so I know who the Junior Boys are now and I really like that song "Birthday" but of course you've been hip to this for ages, right? so now back to business, the business of straight up no nonsense textual based lifestyle n' shit blogging.

Horrifcally wasted on booze last night, massacerd "West End Girls" in karaokee situation in non hipster pub in Hoxton for mates birthday. My brother reckons he was better than me with his rendition of "Rosanna" the Toto classic. Some guy was doing Louis Armstrong songs all night and trying to do the voice, he thought he was really good but he looked and sounded like a twat. You know the type who take their Karaokee really seriously and probably practice, they get all offended if you trivialize the great British tradition of kara o kee. We got chucked out of the karaokee bar underneath the kebab shop on Hackney Road once for my Genesis P. Orridge style rendition of that song "Creep" by Radiohead. Oh frivolous ironic hipsters we.

On another tip I noticed the irony in this piece of utter trivia, my brothers mate Dom (easy Dom) likes his cider and coerced us into drinking a bit of the old Merrydown . Attached to the bottle was a promotional "collar" publisizing a competition based around a film called "Wonderous Oblivion", not only is this the exact state that Merrydown puts one in but would make a great title for a blog if someone hasn't already done it !

no links no pics just blog

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