Sunday, November 30, 2003


Ultra fast turn around on the Eski report from our man in the field Ingram. Services above and beyond the call of duty I think. The rave wars are still being fought out there, sounds like a hard won battle last night. Lovely grainy almost security camera like picture of the cue in the tunnel. The unforgiving London nighlife, security guards more like camp guards.
Any way public apology to you Mat for lighting out my only excuse is that I had been tramping around hackney in the rain all day looking at overpriced one bedroom flats.
We got to have a little christmas party though right ?

I did catch Warlock in an old toilet opposite Hawksmoors church in Spitalfields on friday. It's still got the origional ceramic tiles on the floor. The Rephlex boys were down there, basically Warlock is a white guy with dreads, its grimey but of course the authenticity is lost. The beats were wicked though, ravey steppy tuff little numbers, me and my brother danced like goons, a few rave stabs in there for good measure. Dreads give the fear on white guys, i start thinking about going to Mega Dog at the George Robey (see former post on days of crust). Suprisingly there weren't loads of Hoxton wankers down there, apart from me of course.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Nice one Benjamin Zephaniah !


Good yield of funk 7" singles today, so exciting to see quality records at respectable prices, uncommon in London these days.
Christmas comp soon come for bloggerati.

The O'Jays-Christmas Ain't Christmas New Years Ain't New Years Without The One You Love (aaahhh!) (73 PIR)
Memphis Sounds Orchestra-Sleigh Ride (RSO 76)-its chrimbo soon yay !
Herbie Mann-Memphis Underground (Atlantic) nice nugget
Crown Heights Affair-Dancin' (De-Lite 76) as sample by Crispin J Glover I think
Kool & The Gang-Caribbean Festival (De-Lite75)what a builder
War-Galaxy (MCA 77) lovely instrumental
Jean Jaque Perry-Porcupine Rock/The Minuet Of The Robots (Vanguard Demo 73) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bombers-Shake/Lets Dance (Flamingo 79) -This is amazing quite italo even

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I feel like I'm adrift in creaking old barge today, the curtains are drawn and the first thing I did when I got up was get on the computer. Working shifts I don't start till 4 and even when I'm there I just mostly search the net. I'm starting to feel nauseous about how much new music I have come across since blogging. Its easy to become gluttonous for it all, one has to steer a path through it all some how, retaining a genuine quest with realistic goals. What ?
Italo disco, italo disco ! I picked up this wicked Alexander Robotnik 12" a while back called "Cest La Vie" its one of those records with a massive label in the middle. My mate got to the l.p first. That's why I shop alone now, imagine you see some holy grail sitting there in the racks but your mates knowing hands reach out and grab it before you. Its too great a risk, the lone vinyl wolf however has time to sniff out and track down unfamiliar scents without distraction.

I've been rifling through mat's drawers (ooer!) checking out some early posts, (Feb 2003), bits that I missed being a relative newcomer and all that. Just had to quote this bit which made me laugh,

"What are you, are you a Beatnik or an AvantYob? Like me I imagine you're a Beatnik, with your face pressed tightly against the glass. Because if you were a true AvantYob you wouldn't be reading this bollocks."

Trying to think of anyone else who fits the YobNick description, hmmmmmm.

Last nights Eid celebrations went on till the early hours I'm sure there would have been much more noise if this freezing rain had relented. Yesterday on Bethnal Green road there were stretch limos, massive silver people carriers blasting some wicked sounding desi (or whatever it is) , girls dressed in multi coloured sari's and guys freshly shawn with crazy patterning and their best moschino jeans on.
I had too walk back from old street last night as my cab guy was backed up, a pile up on the marylbone road had caused no end of delays so he had to jet off, he was a pretty cool west african guy with a nice manner, he told me previously it had taken him two and a half hours to get from Stratford to White City and his customer was giving him a right load of grief. I could have played up and demanded he take me to my door but thats not what it's about.
A leggy blond prostitute stood yards by the Three Garcons Restaurant with its flamin gorbs either side of the door and crazed victoriana that can be glimpsed from outside. Diners still chatting and quaffing expensive wines at 11:30 on a wet tuesday night in E2.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


"It is only in the terrible phantasms of drugs or delerium that any other man can have such a descent as mine. The narrow passage led infinetly down like some hideous haunted well, and the torch I held above my head could not light the unknown depths toward which I was crawling."

H.P.Lovecraft, from The Nameless City

This slowly drawing in of oneself unto some kind of nameless terror that lurks is part of the appeal of doom. There is more to it than this though, a deeper, meditational aspect that transcends the cloaks and eldritch lyrics. This stuff takes you somewhere heavy.
My introduction to some of these bands namely Sunn 0)))) and affiliates Teeth of Lions Rules The Divine, Earth and Boris comes by way of Julian Copes splendid head heritage web-site and my mate Leo who is positioned nicely whithin the doom nexus as friend of Stephen O'Malley from Sunn 0))) and former bass player with top heretics Cathedral.
Cope has most recently collaborated with Sunn 0))) adding some of his Ur pagan narratives to the mix. The duo comprise of two central characters often with a vocalist. When I saw them this year they were dressed in trademark monks cowels and had a comoflaged multi mic'ed soothsayer growling insane heresies into the night sky.
At their recent Halloween gig of which I was lucky enough to get a cdr they explore their more minimal tendencies at the beginning of the set. Distant piano chords mingle with vocal samples before the tidal wave of sludge chords devour everything. The extended drone and invocation is dark and long and just as you fully succumb to its madness it trails off leaving fractals of luminescent vapour in its wake.
They site la Monte Young and Terry Riley as influences and seek to distance themselves from the 'stoner rock' fraternity. Their drones have more in common with Young and Tony Conrads Dream syndicate work than mere 'metal', a derogotry and throw away term taken to its logical conclusion by ironic yuppie panto band The Darkness.
O'Malley has this to say about their sound in other incarnation Teeth of lions Rule The Divine,

"The album is a very severe listen but also is a very soothing meditational
one.In the Indian musical traditions ragas are performed for such a time that members the audience, who traditionally listen very intently, are often lulled into a deep meditational state. While in the western musical atmospheres the idea of sleeping (as we would interpret this deep meditational state) is considered negative during a musical experience, in general. However I believe that with TEETH OF LIONS RULE THE DIVINE, and some other of our musical projects, a similar spiritual aspect is there to allow such contemplation and depth in the experience. This is vital ."

The above project take their name from the 27 minute epic track on the 'special low frequency' album EARTH 2 by Earth.
Earth are hailed as founder members of this scene and main man Dylan Carlson is most notoriously a former buddie of legendary rock star Kurt Cobain. He has recently re-formed the band after quite an abscence and recently played in London, very nearly missing the gig due to an extended ice skating session at Lea Valley Ice Rink.
Earth take the extended sabbath riff and spread it out over hours creating a tonal float that is either all absorbing or soul destroying depending on your sensibilities.

Boris come from Japan and in the spirit of the doom fraternity are named after a track on seminal doom mongers The Melvins album Bullhead.
These guys have drums and occasionally female vocals in the mix and often take the doom dynamic to almost ethereal proggy plateuxs. Their album 'Amplifier Worship' burns intensely and then leaves one adrift and pondering what exactly just happened. Like their fellow country men Boredoms and Acid Mothers Temple the mythos and graphics that come with the music is all part of it. The sound and the ideas are all consuming as you wade further out into tidal sludge.
There is at the heart of all this a good humour which means you have to take it the right way, you could say that like coil and current 93 this music is about as white as it gets but that would be ignoring the right laugh that everyone is really having. Just check out the theatrics in Cathedrals classic 'Matthew Hopkins Whitchfinder General' which actually comes as an extra whith the film of the same name on dvd.

Apropos of sleep,that sinister adventure of all our nights, we may say that men go to bed daily with an audacity that would be incomprehensible if we did not know that is the result of the ignorance of the danger.Baudelaire

Monday, November 24, 2003

Life's good in the shed. At last some praise for the lazy man. Penman returns and I'm thoroughly enjoying his latest posts. I agree about the middle brow commentators bit, also echoed by Luke, my favourite one to hate is Rod Liddle, you could put him in the same shed as Aronavitch and lock the door.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Wicked, i've always wanted a shed like that, i could sit in there and do my blog without any distractions. Can just see reynolds cruising down the freeway in that winnebago writing his new opus.
Really great to see old friends again in this cold hearted freezing piss stain of a city. Hey you guys if you found that scrap of paper that i scrawled my address on write me back on jimclarke73@hotmail.com. any dispariging remarks below refer to what happened after we left the party.

Totally Fucking Lost

Made the mistake of going out in London last night, it's such a mind blowing feat of near military precision getting from a to b and meeting up at the right spot etc in the rain negotiating with mini cab drivers. Mind blowing, and then when you actually get to the venue which you have bought a ticket for you have to que up and get treated like a cunt. All this for some brief moments of musical joy (?) albeit blighted by the most smelliest ugly fuckin ravers ever.
Rythm and Sound aka Basic Channel aka Maurizio, whatever, played some good roots and dancehall stuff while Tikiman and his buddies took control of the mic . This was the blue room the more chilled and less deranged of the two rooms on offer at Lost last night at the Egg on the blighted no mans land artery of York way. The vibe in here was laid back but meatheads patrolling meant covert joints were required, we found a little back room to blaze.
Downstairs in the red room the atmosphere was tense and overcrowded, e-ed up mostly males jockeyed for position in front of Robert Hood Steve Bicknell and Jaun Atkins. Unfortunately we had to leave before Jaun came on which would have been right at the end, Robert hood was in the red shadows silouetted huge black frame whith baseball cap. The sound of detroit today is intensely banging textural loops that shift and slide, but ultimately BANG. There is definetly no love lost with this stuff and really its proper drug music. i'm not saying it's bad or good, just where's the fuckin love ?
I found an amazing soundtrack the other day if any one wants a copy and trust me its a blinder fling some c.d. my way and I'll do you one. let me just say its Italian and the cover was recently copied by Dutch electro label Clone. More come soon brain is fried.

Friday, November 21, 2003

C.D's come abounding in

thanking you Mr Craner and Mr Reynolds for the superlative Joe Meek and History of Our World respectively. The gift economy of the blogosphere reeps rich dividend. Brightening the grey brown sludge core east end brittle morn.

"savour the moment before its protagonists have to find proper jobs"- I've got a proper job its shit

"if your feeling lonely you might think the sight of courting butterflies the saddest thing in the world and you'd be right"

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Went to see Mugison at the Toynbee hall on monday night with chimpomatic. Several other bands/performers played of the humble indie persuasion but Mugison definetly stole the show. Icelandic one man band Mugison mixes up the glitch, clicks and cuts with swathes of rock giutar. Howling moon dog vocals that veer from tender to terrifying are sampled live and forced all over the mix to become their own instrument. Strung together with anecdotes and barmy banter I was grinning like an idiot throughout his set. Like a digital equivalent of the guy with a drum on his back and cymbols on his knees the crazy clatter of dissonant sounds was reigned in by Mugison everytime it looked like it was getting out of control.

Been going vinyl crazy this week I've been off and taking my mate who's over from Australia round the shops, its just too tempting. Picked up a bunch of sevens including a new one from Elephant man entitled "Head Gawn" on High Society, he's interviewed in a free magazine called Vice and when asked about his battle tactics replies thus,
"If the two of us are battling and i just did an ill verse about shooting you up and killing you, and you came come with a verse about girls thats a mistake. I just did an ill gun tune about shooting up your brain and shooting off your toes; how the fuck are you going to tell me about the girls that want you? You got to tell me that you got a bulldozer that can shoot off my head. Then I can tell you that i got something like the hiroshima bomb: when i drop it, grass no grow back. so that kills your bulldozer, kills you, kills the groung you stand on, kills everything."

Also got a track from south London label Rag & Bone by Warlock called 'The Greyhound Tracks' and each track is as lean and stealthy and running at you like a freakin greyhound. Warehouse gear with a bit of Todd Terry in there and also shadows of the 'Stalker'. Staking new ground in the urban wasteland betwixt grime and techno but definetly with no "intelligent" pretensions , strictly for shadow boxers this one.

Totally feeling a charity shop purchase of 'Box Of Love' by Bert Jansch. Only really found out about this guy recently but he really is amazing and this is a great little compilation, volume two on the Transatlantic Records label from 1972. exquisite guitar playing that sits in between Nick Drake, Fahey and Davy Graham. "Birthday Blues" is areally evokative instrumental piece melts the heart.

A light seen suddenly in the storm, snow
Coming from all sides, like flakes
Of sleep, and myself
On the road to the dark barn,
Halfway there, a black dog near me .

(excerpt, 'Melancholia'-Robert Bly)

Monday, November 17, 2003

Doin The Rounds

Portobello on a Friday is always abuzz with fashionista's of all description desperately trying to defy categorisation. The air is filled with their impassioned conversation and snippetts can be heard such as "Must dash I've got a casting at twelve", which adds colour to the area and as long as these folk stay out of the record shops i aint got a problem with them.
My girlfriend is a knitwear designer and likes to take in the market on Fridays and as there are more than a few purveyors of vinly in the area I am more than happy to accompany her if i've got the day off. Portobello still seems to retain an air of authenticity in these homogonized times. I used to work in Camden and have witnessed its slow demise into a great big tourist theme park sponsered by Docter Martins and populated by cyber goths and clueless tourists.
The final blow was the closing of Compendium one of Londons finest alternative bookshops, it does still however have a Music & Video Exchange.
But any way , back to Portobello, the main bulk of the clothes are in a covered area below the Westway, the flyover which runs across toward White City. There is a good selection of retro fare here at not too bad prices, and some brick a brac, i got the little one eyed protagonist from 'Monsters Inc' for 25p, also a smattering of old vinyl in boxes which dont contain too many suprises. We saw a stall up at this end selling magic mushrooms of different description, now I may have missed something here but i was under the impression that this was illegal, or else why hav'nt i seen stalls saying "Wicked Acid for Sale", therefore this must be one of those legal high scams and not worth the effort. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Also to be found here is Honest Johns which can yealed some good stuff although i must say that the japanese chap that works upstairs is particularly moody and unhelpfull.
On to my favourite "Intoxica" which i believe was started by an emigre from the Music & Video Exchange and used to be the Vinyl Solution dance label shop back in the day. now they specialize in soundtracks , rare rock psyche soul and funk. they are great for re-issues and do a cool chart of top stuff to guide you. Dont ask for c.d.'s cos they dont do em. There is a great little posty punk section in here that you can pick up some good origionals in, James Chance etc. The best thing I saw was the Harry Partch three lp box set for 50 quid and lots of Indo-fusion stuff that may have been on Matts list. I got another l.p on the Ethiopiques label, 'Mahmoud Ahmed with the Ibex Band, "Ere mela mela" ', fantastic !
In Rough Trade I picked up this great little magazine called 'Smoke-A London Peculiar', its a small glossy with pictures and photo's of a london- centric nature as the title would suggest. There are some great narratives and travelogue pieces in a similar vein to the film 'London' by Patrick Keiller which I've mentioned before but still haven't found anything quite like .
One of my favorite pieces in this edition (number two) is a pastiche of Iain Sinclairs psychic mapping of the city and his infamous journeys that traverse various alchemical arteries, entitled "Ian Sinclairs Psychogeography Corner", it begins,

"Bill Drummond, photographer Marc Atkins and the sculptor Racheal Whitread were waiting for me outside Oval Station. The mildew scars of cryptic heiroglyphs on the flats opposite warned NO BALL GAMES, and I wondered what it meant. Anonymous urban haiku's brand london's raw brick skin, the city tattooed like a North circular biker........", the editors note makes it clear that this Ian has no connection with the author Iain Sinclar.

Other stuff includes a london shipping forecast which diveds the city up into 30 seperate sea areas which muses on " the gentrified terraces of 'Angel' wonder if the Grand Union Canal is wide enough to keep away the council estates and mini cab offices of Sea Area Shoreditch." seek out this little tome all lovers of the cities hidden orrifices and those who remember the London tales of a time for fear with fond nostalgia, already!

Living in Bethnal Green I fall between the Sea Area of London Fields and Stepney with Shoreditch to the east. Brick lane market creeps almost to my door on sundays and this must remain the most raw of all the london markets although I did over hear one trader talking about how its "full of fuckin trendies these days aint it". You can still however rub sholders with prostitutes and gangsters down the end of Cheshire street of a sunday and if you want buy anything from a rusty nail to used battery at the lower end of the spectrum. Piles of junk litter the streets tended by people in various conditons of intoxication and decrepitude, some are merley solitary distant looking folk, who lay out their wares often totalling no more than a couple of quid if they sold it all. Others are in full swing and the bartering can be intense, it often looks like some of the piss heads just commandere a pile of rubbish and call it their own, guarding it zealously against theft or purchase.
I hope this element resist gentrification 'cos they are stars and well funny, like the guy singing "Oh come all ye faithfull" out of tune at the top of his voice, tennants swinging from hand early in the morning exclaiming "cheer up ya cunt" to all and sundry. The city and corporate ghetto's encroach from the east and Spitalfield is succumbing to regeneration, already part of it being re-developed.
I'd rather buy a broken empty video case than a plywood bike any day of the week.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

exploring the sainsbury's red wine down my neck continuum, its facinating how many influences are involved in this transmigration of sensory effluviences.

feeling-Missy elliot "pass that dutch"

yusuf lateef-eastern sounds

Humbug-"groovin With Mr Blow"

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Optical ID Cards My Arse (Its The Blind Leading The Blind)

My man Richard over at chimpomatic sent me this link. Mum its all made up honest.

Many thanks to continued support from my overseas readers. Especially Riley over in North Carolina who sent me the best thing I've heard all month, nay all year. Pandit Pran Nath from 1971 recorded by Lamonte Young and Marion Zazeela, right now I need all the meditative shit I can get. Someone else promised me some Lamont Young,(YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) but it aint showed up yet.
Finally starting to get a few cdr's dribbleing in after the postal strike. Eagerly awaiting my prize from Johnny Trunks Origional Soundtrack Show which me and my gal won at the weekend. Never won a competition before its a good buzz.

Matt's post on the euro/detroit continuum interesting, Kraftwerk where on Top Of The Pops 2 yesterday, great footage, kinda rudimentary promo, lots of lovely shots of hands moving faders up and down and those amazing drums. Which reminds me, my mate just bought a simmonds drum kit which used to belong to the drummer in Yes and installed in the 'brain' are all the origional presets from one of their tours.
Anyway, I digress, I cant see what all the fuss is about, who created what etc, its a fusion of afro & european influences thats what makes it good, right?
Does anyone remember that "Piece" tune on Planet E by Craig that samples "The Reflex", a pounding floor shaking techno enigma that epitomises that mix. Also can't say enough about the brilliance of Visage's "Frequency 7" which is more futuristic than most electro coming out today and makes Dexter and the Clone stable look like merely an homage.
Those bass stabs are totally what set Juan Atkins mind alight and the're all over "Night Drive Thru Babylon".

Two big nights on the horizon, ther's a LOST on the 22nd featuring the Rythmn & Sound boys and Juan the Man and the Dutch connection Job De Wit brought to light the forthcoming Eskimo Dance on the 29th, an envoy of the blogeratti is gathering as we speak I feel.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Coming out from behind the trees
aquatic elders
chromium citadel
speech therapy
strange little girl where are you going

the diurnal tide sucking us in
masks are fun but are they any use
split down the back
marrow pouring through
elders rule the forest

rebuttal of psychic advances
pliant sepulchre
swarm spore
light up the forest
dance like willow the wisp

follow the lights into heart of the wood
you know youv'e been good

you might be alright
dazzled by diaphonous dragonflies
the size of bi-planes

rotten peaches seep sticky
Lycanthropes bask on your underbelly
and the unholy marriage commences
she-rotund and bucolic like the hunter
he-insip weasel faced and a liar

it lasts well into the week
lanterns swing
mead is drunk
and goblins lie on their backs
breathing intoxicating essence

the owls act as spies
and fill the heads of locals
with viscious rumour

witch trials are round the corner

"she gave me a tumour"
"my turnips are all bad because of that devil sow"

diseased sucubus
licking lips flecked with plague


"Fuck, fuck and spend money"
cathy on the case with bizarre links as usual, this is one of the best, probabaly because someone has actually thought about it and done it. We were looking for an entrance to hell yesterday in Epping Forest, the sight of five people dressed in Ra style glitter capes and devil masks turned a few dog walkers heads and no mistake. Little did they know it was really a photo shoot for proto-prog doom disco soothsayers Chrome Hoof. Epping is a cracking jaunt on a Sunday, you get a lot of bikers out there and if you look closely through the woods you can see loads of wicked big house's almost completly concealed by foliage. The last of the autumnal colour spectrum provided a great background to the panto horror show in the wood pics. Think Sunn 0))))) (mates of Hoof) and you get the picture.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

A really nice guy,i'd vote for him.
Feeling kind of nice today y'know, my lady just got back from the orient safe and sound , the O.S.T show has just started on Resonance 104.4 fm, I feel a fragile fracture peace descended over me.
Why be a fighter when you can be a lover.

Shout out to all weekend ravers, the Cumbria massive, Arsenal F.C., all nice bloggers and beautifull people all over this troubled world. (I cant stop doing Kilroy style eulogies, I dont know whats going on)

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Really getting in to the Basil Kirchin album on trunk after a few listens, side one totally sends me with those dreamy chords and the whispered vocal, "..........you think I'm a clown....", this is a hardcore return to Eden but not a completley innocent noise. The childrens chatter and blasted jazz angle give it an altogether more sinister edge than other contempory ambientists. Its not suprising that Kirchin made it onto the legendery Nurse List, there are drums on 'Quantum' that are straight off 'Chance Encounter....'
Eagerly awaiting incoming c.d. burns, hope the backlog doesn't take too long.
Last night the fireworks oppossite my flat where incredible, Weavers rocked to the sound of a vast ararray of air bombs, catherine wheels etc, i particularly liked the hand held tubes that fired spinning bombs into passing cars and innocent bystanders, nice one Weavers Massive, big yourself up.
Apparently the northern lights made an appearance in cumbria last week, gutted i didnt spot them, now thats a firework display.
Piece on Can in todays Guardian, cant believe I still haven't listened to Landed yet, i always though that this was when they started to go off the boil.
Watched a horrifiying/hilarious programme on cable at my mums, on Rapture TV its called Blocko's Brits, in which three 'clubbers' are followed around by a camera crew on a night out 'larging' it in places like Swindon and Kidderminster , as far as I could make out the winner is the one who gets the most votes for taking their dionysian excess to the max (i.e. puking into their shoes in some god awefull club in Milton Keyenes). The award for this is a night out with the legendary blocko in some swanky London nightspot.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Back in london after sabbatical in the North lakes. The best thing we did was climb Helvelyn, my folks didnt make it to the top but me and my brother kept going. its 930 odd meters and it was snowing at the top. We thought we saw a buzzard come flying out of the snow mist that shrouded the upper part of the mountain. it could have been a crow though, there are a lot of them about up there and you tend to think they are buzzards in your enthusiasm. Did see three definite ones though. They are great looking creatures defintley in the top end of the majestic birds of prey canon. just below a Golden eagle i would say, very impressive wing span with wing tips tripping up at the tip and flecks of grey on the underside. They are huge and can take out lambs if they are hungry enough.
its really dark up north and the people are proper no bullshit hardy types. we had to go to penrith to get food from the supermarket, i saw two goths and a punk but mostly everyone was quite regular in a fleece of some description. no black or asian people at all which was quite weird.
Apparently penrith has abit of a drugs underbelly, I didnt see any evidence of this but i can imagine that it does get proper bleak in the winter and the old drugs could be quite an inticing option.

ive got to go to hackney central library now, it was closed yesterday due to an electrical fault.
Got right into that last episode of brookside last night couldnt believe it when they just hung that.
guy out of a window and the characters didnt show any feelings about it at all and the police just buggerd off. Almost like phil redmond was like "right lets hang a fucking drug dealer its o.k. we're not on any more so it doesn't matter if anyone complains", not that i'm defending drug dealers that sell dodgy pills to kids but it was a bit wierd. I remember watching brookside on rainy saturday afternoons in the middle of nowhwere in Essex .


The mind can't sleep,can only lie awake and
gorge, listening to the snow gather as
for some final assault.

It wishes Chekov were here to minister
something-three drops of valerian, a glass
of rose water-anything, it wouldn't matter.

The mind would like to get out of here
onto the snow. It would like to run
with a pack of shaggy animals, all teeth,

under the moon, across the snow, leaving
no prints or spoor, nothing behind.
The mind is sick tonight.


There is something amazing about ascending into thick mist
The relentless uphill pace renders thought beyond movement impossible
I could have stayed up there for ages even though it was cold and wet
Above the clouds
Not seeing down or up or forwards

Got a biology dictionary for 49 pence
here are four words at random from it.

Pectoral girdle

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