Friday, December 26, 2003

Wandering around the bueatifull town of Royal Leamington Spa we heard what sounded like the distant call of the hunt but couldn't be sure, but on rounding the corner of the street sure enough there it was in all it's brazen gory. Lead by a guy in a red coat about thirty houses were trotting down the street. The riders all looked like self righteous toffs and many of them were quite young. I think it is traditional for the hunt to take place today as i remember there was a big one out in ssex when I used to live there. I really like foxes so i think the hunt sucks.
Saw a jay making a right old racket in a tree, i think it was actually harrassing some magpies.
The house's in Leamington are the kind of Victorian terracces you get in Brighton, very grand looking villas and imposing gothic piles. There is a moneyed hush about the place and huge people carriers militarily mark out territory. My girlfriend grew up here and went to school with Si Begg the techno guy who is signed to Mute now.
I bought a box set of Martin Parr postcards in a sale in waterstones in town.
Bellville Rendevous was the best thing i saw on tv last night, Only Fools and Horse was pathetic, patronising and unfunny in extremis I thought, and as for World idol, my god did you see the freaky euro's on the judging panel. They all looked like the psycho guy in 'The Vanishing'.
Right better get back to it.
Adieu blog nerds

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Christmas Time Misletoe and Grime (sorry)

Last post before I embark on Bill Bryson style tour of England ending up in the Lake District hopefully. If I see any ospreys I will let you know definetly. Actually the proto birdwatching/grime film classic was on tv last night. In kes the redemptive power of birdwatching is omnipresent.

Anyway have a wicked time everyone and I look forward to some post christmas posts (cant wait for crumblin loafs deconstruction of the christmas myth)






citta violenta



peking o

and everyone else

oh big up the chimps and stay tuned for my new machine.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Christmas Vignettes

The immovable Bulk
Slowly shuffling down Bethnal Green Rd at less than one mile per hour. Long greasy grey hair and track suit bottoms and slippers. Stopping and staring, moving slowly, making choices about choclates. Step in my way, stop and stare. Think hard behind that inch of plastic in front of your eyes. Teeth and language are both somewhere else.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Christmass Vignettes

The Shoplifter

The abject misery of his face frozen in agony and without malice, just despair, as five or so security grab him from all sides in a pincer movement. A moments contemplation of flight and the realisation of being nicked for a bottle of sherry while all around shopping trolleys are heaped with produce. Grey faced with deep lines carved into the skin, feral and spitting ,wild eyed wide open crazed with despair.

The Kurdish Hustler

On the pea and cup blag down Brick Lane. Fag permanently in the corner of his mouth. Thick set beyond proverbial brick out house. Hands like hammers, his mate the stooge gambles with a wad six inches thick. Offset by the pale and scarred hands counting the money, the blue ink of a hand made tattoo . Wrapped in regulation casual jacket flat cap and shell suit trousers you would not mess with this guy.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Thanks to anythingcanhappen

Wiley-"Who Ate All The Pies"

Jim-"Mate, it was me, I'm really sorry, they were too tempting"

Wiley-"Why you barrel chested mofo........!!"
yum yum, good to see a time for food flexin his culinary muscle
Oh, i've worked it out now, yeah great article on Screw. That scene reminds me of the ravers from Venice Beach I got mates with at that Burning man gig, they were into all kinds of shit, nuff pipes too.

Ha ! yeah its good cos I look dead ard but I ....................
I didn't know there was a record shop on Roman Road (apart from the Buddhist centre charity shop), absolutely no excuse
What the fuck is crunk, ah man I've got when of those head colds that are kinda of alright 'cos you feel proper caned without getting caned, mind you there is some nice tings about also.

Digesting the Wire, lots of Arthur Russell stuff about, must get hold of the Rough Trade compilation that Tufluv mentions, also the soul jazz one but that's strictly for the novice, got most of that stuff on vinyl natch. The other one they big up in the Wire but I haven't seen it about is 'Calling out Of Context' on 'Audika' looks interesting. There is a track on that SJ Comp that I cannot wait to hear though, the infamous "In The Light Of A Miracle" that was only ever a promo on Talkin Loud, I only ever saw it on GEMM for about $150 or something like that .

Really into the 'Rephlexions' comp not to many people have it in there charts, i cant remember what came out early last year so I'm just gonna big up really recent stuff. Anyway it's wicked and I love Rephlex, they can do no wrong and what's more Braindance is excellent to listen to at both parties and at one's home. The good lady is even partial to a bit of DMX Crew although she would be the first to admit that Bochum Welt and The Railway Raver are her real faves.

Fave Re-Issue: 'On The Beach'-Neil Young Even though I was one years old when this record came out it still makes me feel nostalgic for a decade that only exists in my mind as shapes, shades, colors and feelings. Already by 74 Neil Young is burnt out and lurking beneath the palm fronds of Malibu . Predicting the future in his cracked rain philosophies this album sleets over you like a summer storm of exquisite beauty. Get in your dune buggy and ride man.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Silhouetted in the beams of a lowered sports car with silvery blue metallic paint in the dusk
A woman stands observing the passing cars
The yellow and white lights outline her thin body
And I realise she is not with the guys in car
Which sits in the lot by the train line
They are checking its capabilities while she is looking for customers
Wearing a leather fur lined flight jacket she looks like an eighties pop star
On the stage of top of the pops
The fumes from the car become dry ice
Transporting her from the cold hopeless night

Monday, December 15, 2003


Number 8 bus into town, dramas on the pavement, myriad lives. couple in distress , I was thinking perhaps she has just been made redundant or maybe it's to do with their relationship, shaking with tearfull rage in the middle of the pavement, man looks pensive , staring blankly. This time of year puts so much pressure on people.

Moving around town with a cold head, quite spaced out, unfalteringly polite to shop staff, they have my sympathies. Overheard conversation in Rough Trade between counter staff and the guy that puts on the All Tomorrows Parties, he was saying that at the recent one in Los Angeles Iggy and the Stooges sounded better than anything he had ever heard, ever. This guy must have seen a fair few bands aswell. Mike Watt ex of Minutemen/fIREHOSE has some great writing on his hootpage about touring and playing bass with the Stooges, he talks about how Iggy is the consumate rock performer, seemingly random and spontanius in his moves but totally in tune with the spectacle and the show, emotions honed and harnessed.

In Uptown Records there was a palpable buzz in the air, down in the basement there are racks upon racks of promo's, I focused on the "sub-lo" section, followers of the blogosphere have come to know these beats as grime. Youths hundle around the headphone's jamming up the volume so they can all listen, "nah thats bate mate !", the guy offered me up a selection of twelves and i got stuck in. While i was spinning my way through an astonishing selection the phone rang constantly, this scene is living breathing and vital, a far cry from many of the bloodless hipster boutiques I normally blow my wedge in. some guy was saying, "Dont sell any more Eski tickets until we get a call from the office, they reckon it's gettin shut down", to a chorus of "Its goin off mate !", after seeing Matts pictures of the last one i reckon it will and this time its apparently on in Streatham.
So i picked up this amazing one sided promo by Jon E. Cash called "Battle", quite a long tune with some really nice stabs in it, quite pacy and more akin to the dub-step sound.

Got two by Wiley, 'Ground Zero' and one that simply has 'Pie' written on it. The former track I recognized from the blogs so its probably been chatted about enuff already, but that beatless side is so amazing it just blew me away, so abstract and weird, awesome.

"Pie" has a really sinister john carpenter-esque side that is brooding and menacing like a night time drive through the ends, street lights straffed and stretched, metro-time. The flip is oriental chops that kicks like some grimey fu-manchu getting down in the limehouse mist.

Picked up the Bobby Konders/Massive B Greensleeves Official dancehallmix, 68 tracks mixed up by house and now reggae legend Konders. It groups all the rythms together which is good if like me you struggle to keep on top of the exhausting volume of tunes that come out each month. I love the bad company one its well grimey.
Dellia Derbyshire laid down some sub-lo with 'Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO'.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam captured, new footage shows a bearded saddam being examined by military doctors.

Friday, December 12, 2003


Just some quick thoughts before morons invade my space.

Thanks Matt(woebot.com) , when i read some of the others I feel like giving up. My memory definitley is shot and my spelling is appalling.
Got this great Italo re-issue yesterday its on panama records and its called 'Lazerdance' the name of the artist escapes me.
Picked up the Matmos new one for some credit in Reckless , some good moments but their beats are really dry, quite dull in places not a bit as inspired or inspiring as the plastic surgery one, however it is good to hear the sackbut being used.
Absolutely loving the BBC quadruple pack, 'The Delian Mode' is truly sensual.
Keep walking past Uptown, I must go in. I am ashamed to say i do not posses one grime tune apart from the Dizze album, but is this pop grime now. That Wiley says some interesting things in the hyperdub interview, I'm just waiting for some kind blognerd to do me a grime primer. I've got loads of the other 'camp' on c.d's (THE FORWARD SOUND-not hip).

I'm turning into a machine soon, the code is being written as we speak. New for 2004, pictures, music interveiws perhaps, but only with un-known people.
Zabriskie Point=wicked photos
Sasha Frere Jones=nice phots, nice mix

Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Elaborate new plynth for two surveilance cameras has been erected on the park opposite my flat. The metalwork sculpture depicts a flurry of sporting activity atop a twisted column. One footaball player has his arm outstreched holding a base similar to the olympic flame on which is mounted a dirty great camera pointing east. The other runner is in a similar pose and has a camera mounted on its arm pointing the other way.
This civic cloaking device I know is supposed to make something that could appear obtrusive and oppressive look positive but it looks even more sinister I think. Its like have a nice day but we're watching you: where are they watching from I wonder, and is it a full time job?
I'm not bothered, all I do is walk passed it with my Tesco bags but all sorts does go on at night round there. I guess if it stops my girlfriend getting her phone nicked out her hand its good.

Random Picks from this year:

Aphex Twin at All Tomorrows Parties
Nights at Forward getting baked to the dubstep
Meeting you lot and geting baked
Not getting baked for a bit and sorting my head out
Walking across pryaneen mountain ranges,,
Wang parties down hackney road
My 30th birthday party with Broomy sweeping it up
Sunn 0))) and Chrome Hoof gigs
Weatherall playing amazing tunes
Fugazi at the Forum
Going to Dungeness
Mum & Dad properly retiring

and all the lovely blogs and bloggers

Monday, December 08, 2003

I have secured a copy of the Rephlex Radiophonic Workshop record you'll be pleased to know.
Matt's definetly right about people at the BBC holding on to their halos and this atmosphere being a major contributing factor to the generally safe (see:bland) and un-glamourus nature of programming . This makes such things as the Workshop even more amazing in that they ever happened at all. Looking at the the origional record covers though they are presented more as like some kind of science project and their true aesthetic has been released over time and in retrospect of the whole electronica scene.
One of the reasons for the continued "mollusc-like" grip that the Beeb has over the nations psyche is that due to the relationship with government and the need to balance public service with programmes that can compete for ratings, the framework within witch programmes are made is very rigid. The in-house style is handed down and maintained with zero risk taking. The probably see the new T.O.T.P as a risk but it just badly apes the other channel.
Any way I'm just a low grade technical droid, but I have got a front row seat, can't say too much though (see the onion) but I'll keep you posted.
However regarding the emergence of old recordings it's a wonder that these ever saw the light of day as 'auntie' was busily chucking much of this stuff out until it realised there was a massive market for it not to mention its cultural relevance.

My ceramicist friend says that Grayson Perry winning the Turner prize is one in the eye for the ceramics establishment who hate him because he went to night school and not Royal College etc, so I guess that is cool. I'm not to sure me, and I'm definetly puzzled by the dress thing, I just dont get it. Enlighten me somebody !
There was a great open spat between the Chapmans and Ivan Massow in the Guardian on saturday both completely going at each other, must admit I found myself siding with the brothers Chapman, particularly for their use of the phrase "petit-cunt" in describing Massow.

Geeta mentions mentions about Borbetomagus !!!!!

Saturday, December 06, 2003

in the post today

"Many sounds have never been heard-by humans:some sound waves you dont hear-but they reach you.'storm stereo' techniques combine singers, instrumentalists and complex electronic sound. The emotional intensity is at a maximum."


Seriously wicked piece this from 1968 created by Radiophonic Workshop alumni Delia Derbyshire, Brian Hodgson and David Vorhaus. This must be screaming out for re-issue as the interest in this area of music grows and Rephlex have just put out that amazing looking 10" pack which I haven't got yet, only a 1000 world wide pop pickers.
Its eccentric, its intense, its electric and psychedelic. Very sixties idealistic, some of the song pieces like Syd Barret early Floyd. The only other thing I've heard that parallels this is the Basil Kirtchin stuff on Trunk. 'Firebird' is a total trip in the best possible sense, harmonies and switch back bubblegum flashback refrains with the underlying sound of bubbling matmos (David Hemmings R.I.P) . This record must have been a massive influence on contemporary beat group Broadcast who have embraced its ethos whole heartedly. I can't imagine what kind of a reception it got originally, possibly just a ripple amongst an elite of hipsters.

"Try holding mist there in your hand
And you'll begin to understand
How life can leave you like a rainbow

See a foot upon the stair
An eye, a hand, a smile beware
Your heart says yes, but something in your brain, no "

Picked up a copy of Duece magazine yesterday and what a quality mag it is. Good to see the Lea Valley Navigational Canal/UKG continuum re-enforced by the pictures of DJ Lombardo down by its banks lookin moody, shame there weren't no herons in the background, now they are the real bad boys on the scene.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Bastards they've got me surrounded.
Saw the crap Sugarbabe in the corridor
Totally agree with crumbling loaf, has anyone met this genius yet.

Guardian rip off my review of "Smoke", lazy soft shoe wearing mainstream coffee table shit music sloth

Luka on fire, "keepin it gangster all the way, straight thuggin it day to day "

oh yeah, mate your wicked thanks for all the props I love your shit too, you be getting da christmass c.d, it soon come

Woebot show blindin amongst the others that Linda Lamb tune is phat, gotta get it got got to get it! Thanks for the shout out bredda.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003



Leaf blowers stake out and work methodically
Damp bones refuse to trudge
Lone magpie as usual
Footsteps on the stairs
Neighbours keep unusual hours
Ghosts twist out of the fog

"Trudging across the tundra mile after mile"

The young marble Giants
Are walking back from re-hearsals
Slowly along a windswept Victorian sea front out of season
Laurence from felt is sitting in his flat
Reading Baudelaire
And morrisey is down the library getting some books out
While Mark e Smith is driving a vovlo estate across the pennines
With a moody blues cassette on the dashboard

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

"Since Tottenham Marsh there had been, he hated to admit it, a guiding spirit, a heron. a bird of dusk, loping ahead, gliding awkwardly, out of scale, a pterodactyl-kite with legs of string."

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