Thursday, January 29, 2004

Unprecedented Scenes Outside Television Centre Today

"it is a blow for independant and investigative journalism and democracry itself" said a senior source
Blowin my own freekin cornet

It's only the end of Jan and already I've scored a flat, a new job and I'm fuckin d.j in next week. That my friends is the power of no weed. hah !

SAT 7th Feb WANG

SQUAREPUSHER (jazz spangler)

MARK BROOM (the mad mike of bethnal green)

KRUTON (known to clear floors city wide)

SUNNY JIM (needs to buy some new tunes)


Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Wasted Youth

Black Hole is Charles Burns' decade long journey through the mutated teenage underbrush of rural America.
Now on issue number 11 it features outsiders living in woodland outside Any Town, hustling chicken wings and smoking doobies to a soundtrack of David Bowie and Iggy Pop. There is a spaceyness to the panels that flows like an endless David Lynch movie. The rain pours and moments of happiness are distant memories or a fleeting present to be held on tight to. You can feel the black and white drawings and taste the adolescent detritus. Just bones, old porno mags, bits of twine and skeletal wood sculptures with dolls heads, vacant eyes stare out.
It's nearly over now.

"Our brains are too large..we think too much and it drives us all crazy. we've inherited this amazing gift of intelligence and self-awareness and we've squandered it...pissed it away. We'd be happy if we could live simple lives, enjoy each other and...I mean maybe live on a farm or something and grow things..You know, get back to the earth..But hey don't listen to me what do I know?"
Charles Burns

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Nice peice on John Fahey's collected writings 'Vampire Vultures' in the latest Wire by Geeta , sad to think of him ending his days in "a cluttered motel room off an anonymous strip of highway in rural Oregon." I've been listening to 'The Legend Of Blind Joe Death' this last week, 'The Transcendental Waterfall' from this album is one of my new favourite tracks, it's amazing , the middle sequence sounds timeless. It's great healing music, that's for sure.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Essential Harvey re-edit on sale now on e-bay, I've got five of these and they are the greatest re-edit business around. The Dick Hyman 'Give It Up Turn It Loose' is a tower of freaked out disco oddness. Seek em out, there about but early ones like this puppy are rare as hens teeth.

Big up to all my dogz as usual matts spot on this hound be in the pan.

Lea Valley was resplendant yesterday in the crisp winter sun. My lady and I hit the track up to Stamford Hill across the marshland and via the reed beds. Saw one jay and a couple of chaffinches but alas no kingfishers.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

"What did I do? Why I sat down and reflected. I had a good classical education, and a positive distaste for business of any kind : that was the capital with which I faced the world. "

A big freeze is on its way they say.
It is actually impossible to have a single origional thought with a hangover, still we had a laugh though .
Gerhard Richter did the picture of a candle on the cover of Daydream Nation, I found this out because I was loitering in the foyer of Whitechappel Art Gallery, not being able to sacrifice the eight pounds to see the exhibition I settled for a few postacards of which this was one. I think I'll go in the week on wednesday when it's free, the postcards look great,

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The auspicous Nick Da Record has some new stock over on his dj friendly website and some new genre sections, check out the reggae not reggae section.

Where the heck is scott at, scott where are you ?

A friend of mine did some of those mexican shrooms from the market at the weekend, he reckons the guy said neck them both at once for the desired effect (2 for a tenner), they blew his friggin socks off, he had to run out of 'On The Rocks' as it had become a "grotesque caberet, soundtracked by the shittest eighties music ever', mate you dont have to take psycho active drugs to realise that about shoxton !

The lovely Matthew Glamour just played a great 'alco pop' tune by Lucky Pierre on Resonance, quite Italo dont you know.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Black Devil soon come.......................

great sound samples from new Luke Vibert record Kerrier District on Rephlex

Monday, January 19, 2004

Ron Geesin in the seventies, seems to have been a popular pose back then see Matts post on Karel Appell from December. Note the slightly guilty looking smirk, like he's been up to some supremely avant garde naughtiness.
'Patruns' sounds o.k. but not remarkable but i've got to give it a proper listen yet, it was only a fiver, the bins underneath the main record racks in Honest johns jazz basement have got some great stuff in them and the Holger Czukey album I bought there was considerably under the going rate.Its also a whole load of fun with some remarkable production, kinda euro kosmiche funk, 'Cool In The Pool' is a delightfull track.

On the way from the canal up to Stamford Hill I saw a rogue squirrel nearly topple an orthodox Jewish guy who was wearing those silk plus fours and one of those long silky jackets, the squirrel just launched itself out of hedge ran straight between this guys legs. The guy burts out laughing. Wildlife is going crazy round here.
For The Foxes

Charles Bukowski

don't feel sorry for me.
I am a competent,
satisfied human being.

be sorry for the others

rearrange their

juggling mates

confusion is

and it will
whoever they
deal with.

beware of them:
one of their
key words is

and beware those who
only take
instructions from their

for they have
failed completely to live their own

don't feel sorry for me
because I am alone

for even
at the most terrible
is my

I am a dog walking

I am a broken

I am a telephone wire
strung up in
Toledo, Ohio

I am a man
eating a meal
this night
in the month of

put your sympathy
they say
water held up
to come
you better be
nearly as

Luke's fox sightings coincide with the discovery by my brother and his flat mates that a family of foxes have taken up residency in the disused garage that is attached to the end of their garden. The entrance from the garden is thick with scrub and trees so provide them perfect cover for their forays into Hackney. On sunday I was looking out onto the garden and one suddenly appeared and started rooting around seemingly un fazed by prescence at the window, then all of a sudden another one apppeared on the top of the wall . This one was not a great specimen though and if it is the same family that we have seen before then its condition has considerably worsened since the summer. The hair on its tail and hind quarters was almost completley diminshed making it look quite shockingly odd. My brother said he had to go into the garage the other day and he got the fright of his life when in the darkness the prescence of several fairly large creatures became obvious as they bolted for the door. There were a couple of reports of foxes bighting people over last summer, one was about a woman asleep in her bed waking up to find a fox at the end of it. if they do bite and I think it's very rare, then they may have rabies in which case your in trouble. But hey the cubs look cute, I wonder if there's any in the garage.
Oh yeah, we also think that they are claiming benefits and working at the same time.

this from Wild London website

What a racket

Between December and February you may hear the most unearthly screaming sounds late at night. This is sometimes called the “vixen's scream” and is thought to be the sound made by the female fox to show she is ready to mate. Once reassured about this sound, most people are happy to live with the noise while the foxes are mating. If it does become intolerable, you can move the foxes on by using a strong smelling repellent such as the types you can buy to deter cats.

Friday, January 16, 2004

The Gray Scale/David Cunningham

Picked this up today in Rough Trade for a tenner, experimental album by Flying Lizards main man David Cunningham pictured above. Not listened to it yet but can't wait, it's the first release on Piano. The record is mint and unplayed and the sticker on the outer sleeve said that some had turned up in a warehouse! They may have some more down there at the Talbot Rd one so hurry down. Of course it's rare as, what a casual find, some guy on the web reckonned he looked for like ten years for it.
Also picked up/ 'Noir Desire' by Vive La Fete/ which is great fun and sleazy too.
'Movies' Holger Czukay (Harvest 1979)
'Patruns' Ron Geesin (Ron 31a 1075)
'Take Me Out' Franz Ferdinand brand new on Rough trade only one squid

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Popped in to Rough Trade Covent Garden the other day on return drift from town and they have got these fantastic coloured vinyl discs on the wall from the Table Of Elements label, six in total or maybe more, featuring a whole host of people including Jim O'Rourke, John Fahey and Loren Conners, they look fantastic and will be of course highly collectible. All I could do was drool but I'm back there soons as I get some money. This is a great Fahey discog with colour cover scans of the albums .

White sack swinging from high tree branches opposite my window
like a washed out ghost that didn't get back to the night in time

Reading about coyotes that snatch up dogs from back gardens in the hills outside Los Angles
David Mammet on the game of poker

Down cobbled streets in Clerkenwell, intriguing alley ways, rows of serious looking designer types transfixed by monitors
The Swednborg Centre and the great arch in St Johns Lane.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

"You see Jim it's a piece of fucking piss"

(Christchurch Jumble Sale Greenwich 1973)

New Black Hole out now

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

"Heart Breaks Promises, I've Had More Than My Share"

"Big up all the Mile End roofers" and in fact anyone with a job that involves proper work .,track called Bass Tone playing on Rinse FM, oh yeah i remember it now its old well old, a Freek FM classic, like when that Strictly Vibe kinda merged with Uk garage, you know its the one with the breaking bottle sound used like a high hat, oh, now he's playing Al y Us 'Follow Me', bring back the music Essex, London,......

I just dont think about it that much, intense theorizing on the situation of modern folk, linked to repetition/return to merits of or not, what ? Does anybody just like stuff any more , I'm worried if I read to much more of this I wont be able to buy a record without deconstructing it so much there is nothing left.
My chum milo just got back from a mini tour of new York with alt doom minimalists Sunn o))) and said that dudes in NYC dug their shit and it was really good out there. He popped into the DFA studio and picked up some new cuts of theirs, there is a new one by The Juan Maclean with a track by Rapture on the flip, cant remember the tracks name but it is wicked, monstrous slap bass sonic funker, well it sounded good yesterday, ......

oh yeah I've been informed that the foxes were actually fucking

Monday, January 12, 2004

"The Rituals We Observe"

Might as well add my two penny worth to the text mountain on Lost In Translation.
Just read Baals appraisal and thats about it in a nutshell. What does he say to her in that final scene together, perhaps they will meet again ? This ambiguity does give some hope to the idea of the brief moments of joy in life being fleeting and that after their encounter the two will be sent spiralling of into the either never to meet again. Tokyo looks so amazing in this film it would be easy to say that wherever you point the camera it would look great. All that fantastic signage and idiosyncratic advertising. The underlying lostness you feel for the characters though gives the bright lights and flashing signs a rainsoaked saddened hue.
I really loved the shifting in and out of focus on the shots, so you are inside bill murrays head trying to stay awake, trying to focus and make sense of it all. Murrays hang dog reluctant acceptance of his fate and a wickedly sarcastic sense of humour is very similar to the character he plays in Rushmore , one my favourite films ever. The pool scene in L.I.T reminded me of when Murray jumps off the diving board in Rushmore and lets himself sink to the bottom of pool, escaping the disolusionment and emptiness for a few brief moments.
The soundtrack oozes out of the speakers into the film, 'Just Like Honey' had me tripping and the new Kevin Shields track that plays through the end credits after nearly everybody has left is a total blissout.
Coming out into rainy soho I felt that impact of a good film when you have to slow down a bit and the world looks more interesting than when you went in.

"Then they all rose up and danced, and secret things were brought out of some hiding place, and they played extraordinary games, and danced round and round and round in the moonlight, and sometimes people would suddenly disappear and never be heard of afterwards, and nobody new what happend to them. And they drank more of that curious wine, and they made images and worshipped them....." Arthur Machen 'The White People

Iain Sinclair talking about the film director Michael Reeves who made Witchfinder General and The Sorcerers. Saying how in those days it was possible to "talk up a film" and make it happen . Reeves story is strange and fascinating and ultimatley tragic. As if he had made some pact in return for his youthfull success but then had it snatched away, the films resonate with an occult energy.
Vincent Price as Matthew Hopkins is a unique mixture of high camp and maleovalant evil as he gallops across the spectral flatlands of Suffolk.

On the morning of the day itself, the ‘Fool Plough’ was drawn through the streets and up to the doors of houses, where gifts of money, or of food and drink, were demanded from the householders. If these were given, as almost invariably they were, the young men shouted ‘largesse!’ and danced round the plough; if they were refused, the ground in front of the house was roughly ploughed up by way of punishment for the tenant’s want of generosity

Saturday, January 10, 2004

This is my current post

Friday, January 09, 2004

Nice, hardcore diggin plus lists and prices, its been said before and i'll say it again Melbourne looks like a diggers goldmine . When are easyjet gonna start doin cheap flights down under?
My best turn up so far was 'We Still Kill The Old Way' Bacalov/Nicolai which is on Intoxica's site for £330, I traded in some old shit to my mate John at Reckless and bought it for 30 on credit. Its VG++/VG+ Thanks to my learned friend for bringing this to my attention.
You type it sings
Stood in the drizzle for twenty minutes waiting for an estate agent to show us around a one bedroom flat in hackney near London Fields , geezer turns up and the owner has changed the locks, knowing that we were coming round and not told him. Another evening wasted, flat hunting can be a zone of fruitless intensification.
The Camden Ripper

Totally engrossed in a morbidly curious way to last nights doc on 'Camden Ripper' Tony Hardy.
Being very familiar with this part of town and knowing it's propensity as a haven for weirdos' and winos of all extraction made watching the footage even more terrifying. Hardy perhaps un-wittingly made the producers of this programmed job all the more easier by turning up on numerous c.t.v cameras throughout this tragic episode. In particular he was captured non-chalantly dumping a bin bag full of body parts into his local wheely bin before shuffling off down the street. The interior of his flat was an insane pornographic shrine with mad drawings on the walls and the stench of death. It seems that this guy was yet another dormant time bomb that slipped with ease through the authorities many nets set up to save us from these people. He was even up for a murder charge one year prior to the latest killings after police found a dead woman inside a locked room in his flat. The case was dropped after the coroner found her death to be of natural causes, although there where bite marks and a wound to her head. Perhaps Hardy induced a heart attck in this woman from sheer terror .
The most disturbing thing was the amount of evidence they seemed to be allowed to show last night, including the porn photos of the two dead women just before he chopped them up. He had obscured their faces and posed them ; one was wearing a novelty devil mask which looked utterly demonic. These photo's were taken to a local film lab and the guy who processed them was being interviewed, saying that the images where such that the bodies did not appear to be dead .
I used to cycle through Kings Cross and round the back across York Way after a night shifts in Camden and at this time in the morning there used to be a really sinister atmosphere around those back streets, like nowhere else in london, except perhaps Whitechappell. I remember nearly crashing in to a girl who was sitting on the the tow path of the Regents Canal with a needle in her leg at about 8:30 one morning. The whole place is being re-developed now and is a massive building site, they are trying to bury Kings Cross's un savory past.
They never found the heads and hands of the murdered women and hardy is saying nothing.
The chilling rasp of a Fox on heat keeps me awake most of the early morning. I rememberd that is what they sound like after thinking what the fuck is making that noise for ages. it sort of sounds like a choking dog that has had its vocal chords severed combined with a freakish whelp.
Looking out of the window i could not see the fox but it was very close, if you've ever heard this noise you know what i mean, it's harrowing.
The moon was almost full and bright in the sky this morning as i walked into work.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Disc Rot

Watch out when you buy those pirate dvds of bods in the street. Its a given that the picture quality will range from poor to quite shit (my grading) but the disc should actually spin in the machine. I bought that new Cohen brothers 'romantic comedy with bite' film last night on the way home and although is was quite blocky and the audio at points sounded like it was coming out of a mobile phone it was o.k. Then right at the denouement the thing just started to jam and jump after playing alright for the entire film. Looking at the disc it was totally scratched to fuck, amazing that it played at all. I'm sure you'll agree its a hard fuckin life. Next time I'll give the guy a fake fiver, thats fair enough isn't it.
The film really not that bad despite the posters that make it look like the usual hollywood schmaltz, I guess I'll have to wait to find out the ending.

Listened to two abums pulled at random from the stack last night, both from 1975 which must have been colossal for new music. Popul Vuh's 'In Der Garten Des Pharoahs' and Kraftwerks 'Radioactvity' sounded absolutley amazing. Kraftwerk the more striking for its ultra modern sound and sentiment to this day. This is not a modern music is rubbish rant either, that is one dull argument, you could only see how Kraftwerk would stand up in nearly thirty years time by actually hearing it now.
I am definetly going to try to get a ticket for one of the upcoming Kraftwerk gigs, that late one at brixton academy sounds good, but in the R.F.H they would sound fantastic.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

got this today as a message heading, "journalizing nitrous bigot", alas it was only spam.

so was "obeyed daemon obscured disappointment"
"Oh Look Here Comes Fuckin Dracula"

The Cure are definitley becoming cool again and will probably be highly influential in the revival of the early eighties goth look that is imenent. (Not to be mixed up with Camden cyber or mid nineties nu goth vampire weirdos), I used to work in camden and look out over the Devonshire pub (?) where numerous varieties of goths would descend nightly like (you guessed it) bats, to gather and sup the purple liquid known as snakebite.The above quotation is from one of my more eloquent collegues who spotted this chap who seemed to dominate the scene one season, probably works in a bank now. It was rather like birdwatching to this extent as we were well hidden, also it was amazing to watch the many subgenres of the goth gene mutate and transform before ones very eyes. Anyway all gangsta rude boy goths checka dis riddim courtesy of the gabba pod , it will have you get your vinyl bondage trousers in a twist. Right I'm off to do a disco re-edit of 'A Forest', and oh yeah they were great at Wembley Arena 89, (sheds a tear).......

Monday, January 05, 2004

in the absence of a soul, i quote, quote all day long.

The perfect tonic this monday and uplifting
sorry its from erasetheworld again

"If there are other dimensions, other planes, other spheres of existence, they burst into the downed walls of the sleeping mind in nightmares. Are they glimpses of these planes of reality? Too vast, unholy, and unearthly for our weak human minds. Are they messages from the void? Or echoes of the place we go when we die - not Elysian fields, or endless meadows, or white sands and green hills under a swift sunrise. Not glimmering halls and mansions where we will kiss and laugh and see our loved ones, sing and dance to the music of the spheres and marvel at the cosmic carnival of existence.
But bottomless vaults of rending horror, boundry-less arcs of pain and erupting corruption, where our feeble earthly souls will be taken and shredded, broken and burned into nothingness."

yes, yes, yessssssss
Standing alone on a vast unkempt playingfield in wind and sleet. Ahead clouds of grey rain, behind, a lonely bus shelter on a deserted street, its interior strewn with fag buts and stinking of piss.

Good to read someone else is on a cosmic downer.

Its (Not) All Doom And Gloom

Been listening to Keith Hudson's 'Playing It Cool' quite a lot in the last few days. Just to say i got it in the last week of 03 and its my favourite record of the year. No energy at all after new year, have'nt looked at the blogs for ages, just had a look today, you guys make me feel well anxious. Like walking through Bethnal Green after being up all night.
All is just a washed out pallet of greys and blacks. Its the first day back.
Watched the film L'Apartement yesterday, managed to follow its snake like plot and lay awake thinking about how the girl Alice who is a mythomaniac just kind of draws everyone into her sphere almost effortlessly with her lies. Also reading short story by Arthur Machen called 'The White People', I recommend some supernatural this time of year.

Blair was on the t.v saying how the war last year was a 'test case'.

Saw a Buzzard fly across a field where it lives, apparently its been seen a few times. Should have picked up that frozen mouse for it.

Arguments in the back of some sunday suppliment about the validity of 'The Return Of The King' as an anti war message. For fucks sake......

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